Camel milk products to be available online: Sodhi

Talking to Indian Cooperative GCMMF MD R.S.Sodhi said Amul’s experiment with camel milk especially bars of camel milk have found favor with consumers across the country. Camel milk products will soon be available with online retailers.

The camel milk experiment will help generate income and prevent camel herding from dying out as a profession in the Bhuj and Kutch regions of Gujarat, added Sodhi.

Encouraged by the success of the experiment, GCMMF is set to market packaged camel milk and chocolates across the country. Camel milk began selling already in 2000, when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of its production and consumption.

In 2016, when the Food Safety and Standards Association of India recognized the milk as a food item, Amul began mass producing camel milk chocolate. In Gujarat, more than 10,000 camels are already part of the GCMMF’s program.

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