AJMS Bank: Sanghani & Patel re-elected

Dileepbhai Sanghani and Arunbhai M. Patel have been re-elected unopposed as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Gujarat based Amreli Jilla Madyastha Sahakari Bank (AJMSB) in the election held on Monday in the bank’s headquarters.

The election for AJMSB had been held in 2015 for five years but as per the bye-laws of the bank the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman have to get re-elected midway–that is after every 2 and a half years. As expected, Sanghani made it to the top post once again along with his deputy.

Announcing the results, Deepak Satni, Deputy Collector, Returning officer appointed to oversee the election process said, Dileepbhai Sanghani and Arunbhai Patel have been re-elected unopposed as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of AJMS Bank.

There were no other nominations for the posts of Chairman and vice-chairman and the two could romp home without hassle. Sanghani is the chairman of the bank since 2002.

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