GST blues: Campco tries to allay fear of farmers

Campco has welcomed GST with open arms. Post implementation of GST w.e.f. 1st July, 2017, CAMPCO has commenced Direct Purchases from the farmers from 3rd July, 2017 in all its Branches. Yet there is a sense of uncertainties on GST among its member.

Fearing that the panic may spread across the board the Mangaluru headquartered cooperative has issued press release trying to dispel the anxiety of farmers on Thursday.

“Campco was fully geared up to meet the technicalities on the implementation of GST and hence the Purchases continue unabated”, said a release sent by chocolate cooperative.

“As a few of our member societies are not trained yet with the latest technical know- how on GST , farmers are requested not to panic. In such cases they may directly tender their produce to CAMPCO branches situated all over India till such time”, the Societies update their system of Billing, Campco release said soothing the anxious farmers.

Meanwhile, CAMPCO’s Primary Agent Societies are requested to contact CAMPCO Head Office for clarification on GST implementation.

Representing the aracanut farmers in the Sothern States , Campco is huge cooperative with thousands of farmers as its members. It also exports its products in a number of countries including China and Nepal.


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