What a marvel is Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank!

Eco-friendly, latest technologies and provision of sunlight are some of the features of Gujarat based Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank. A marvel for any visitor, this UCB has perhaps the first building in the cooperative sector that is not only green but also monitored by CCTVs inch by inch.

Jyotindra Mehta, Ex-Chairman of the UCB says ”we decided to set-up power efficient green buildings and appointed a team of competent architects who could do this job. The bank is indeed thankful to them for thinking out of the box”, he added.

Narrating the story of involvement of Philips into the venture Mehta recounted “ we told them that given enough sunlight we do not wish to use electricity ; keeping this in mind Philips innovated and what you see today is sunlight greeting you anywhere you go into this building, he noted with a sense of satisfaction.

The building has a light system that works with censor. “When one walks towards the building, the lighting system automatically opens”, said senior employee Sagar Shah.

The mirrors in the building are imported from Belgium and the building has Interactive LCD & LED Touch Screens which connect to computers and laptops. The bank has made a separate chamber for directors.

The Bank has ventured into mobile apps and has made an RNSB Gift application for distribution of gifts to themehta shareholders of the bank. Through this app, close to three lakh members can take appointment online for collecting gifts. The Bank is busy distributing gifts from three branches. The Bank has also provided free coast BSNL mobile connections to their members.

rajkot-sahkari-bank-borad-roomRNSB also received approval for Mobile Banking facility from the Reserve Bank of India. The Bank is also providing medical facilities at concessional rates at various hospitals to their members. The bank’s branches are equipped with ATM facility and the bank has even an off site ATM in Rajkot.

Many veteran cooperators including NCUI Chairman Chandra Pal Singh Yadav and NAFCUB Director and former minister H K Patil have lauded the technology adopted by the bank. Even the Reserve Bank of India is eager to organize its training programmes on the bank’s premises.

The Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari bank has also built an auditorium in the name of Sahakar Bharti founder Chairman the Lakshmanrao Inamdar Training Centre which offers space enough for about 350 people.

The acoustics is perfect. Auditorium In charge Dwij said it is a stage which can be made ready in 10 minutes for any event. The whole auditorium has 40 LED light and 145 CCTV cameras securing it.




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