Virus threat haunts co-op sector

The cooperative banking sector is in panic as its commercial cousin in the wake of “WannaCry Ransomware” virus let loose across the world last week.

Satish Marathe who is on the board of several urban cooperative banks alerted his followers on social media “Understand that some Offices of PSU Insurance behemoth, The New India Assurance Co Ltd have been affected by WannaCRY Ransonware Virus.

“Also learnt that a large CBS compliant Urban CòOp Bank in Uttar Mah has also been impacted by the Hackers. Details awaited. Please exercise utmost Caution while Opening Incoming Unknown Mails, “ according to Marathe facebook wall.

Our ATMs are functional .We have taken precautionary measures with the help of consultants, said P.Kondurkar, CEO of Apna Sahakari Bank which is based in Mumbai.

William D’Souza CEO of Model Cooperative bank, however sounded unconcerned as he said “ We are not facing any difficulties. Our operating systems are up to date, passwords are changed periodically and antivirus software is updated. Hence we do not find any threat to our system from WannaCry Ransomware Virus.

Cooperative Bank of Rajkot Managing Director Kamal Dhami is not that confident as he said to this correspondent “We have taken all precautions in advance against this virus and not facing any problem so far. Mainly we have done the firewall and antivirus Updation.

Several others such as Manavi Urban Cooperative Bank and Jamia Cooperative Bank are exercising caution and keeping a watch on the developing situation. Manavi Urban Cooperative Bank Chairman Thimmaiah Shetty said, “So far our bank has not come across any WannaCry Ransomware Virus problems. All our ATMs are functioning without any problem. This is because we are working on MPLS Lease line connection and our all ATMs are working on window 7.

As we’re to reach on IP code and no internet can connect as such no mail will be entering into our system, as such we are safe till today. Our CBS provider says the system is most protected and there will be not any chance of virus attack, he added.

M.Q.H. Beg Chairman of Jamia Cooperative Bank informed that we are not facing any difficulty due to WannaCry Ransomware virus. We are using all licensed software in our Bank and patches are updated as per requirement. Our vendors have also taken required precautions to avoid any damages, he said.


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