PMC Bank adopts novel safety measures; sets self-limit to Rs 5!

Punjab & Maharashtra co-operative Bank has designed multiple Card security measures to avoid any fraudulent usage of customers’ cards.

In the multiple Card security measures customers can set their Debit card limit which can be as minimum as Rs. ‘0’ or Rs. ‘5’ etc. by sending a simple SMS. Just before they want to do any transaction they can reset the limit as required & after the transaction the limit can be reset to as minimum as Rs. ‘0’, said PMC Bank in a mail sent to Indian Cooperative. “All these instructions are effected instantly”, the mail adds.

In case of loss or theft or misuse one can immediately HOTMARK his / her ATM/Debit card by using PMC Bank Missed call facility or by sending SMS, read the mail.

Similarly, to avoid the misuse of cheque book, the Bank has provided facility wherein one can send a digital request for cheque book by sending SMS and after receipt of cheque book one can activate the same by sending SMS.

The UCB also claims that the Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank is always one step ahead in providing customers digitized services like BHIM, Bill Pay, BBPS, and Mobile Pay for their convenience, speed & also comforts them by protecting them from financial threats.

“Today it has become relatively easy for criminals to steal e-commerce instruments data and misuse the same. Hacking/ Skimming /Phishing are common acts of stealing card data. To have peace of mind, PMC Bank has a whole range of safety features and security measures built into card”, UCB claims.

“Our financial lives have become a series of debit card swipes. Hence, whether you’re shopping in an outlet or online or doing E-Commerce transactions, because of these safety features you can do it all with confidence”, it assures.

Customer safety is our first concern. For more information, please visit, the mail notes.