Breaking new ground: GSCB launches robotic facilities

In an ambitious move to give world class facilities to the customers of the bank, Gujarat State Cooperative Bank has launched fully Automated Safety Deposit Boxes in its branches at Naranpura, Ahmedabad. Godrej Security Solutions has provided the facility.

It was inaugurated by former Member of Parliament Harinbhai Pathak and the bank Chairman Ajaybhai H.Patel in the premises of the bank headquarters.

The social media handle of Gujarat State Cooperative Bank shared the news with photographs and wrote “For the first time in Indian Cooperative Banking Sector, Gujarat State Cooperative Bank had launched Automated Safety Deposit Box in the Naranpura branch”.

Customers will be able to access their safety deposit box on-demand without the need to make an appointment, said Bank sources.

The Bank Chairman Ajaybhai H.Patel said “I am feeling very proud to launch the first fully automated safety deposit box facility. Customers will be fully in control from the minute they come into the branch and will only have to wait two minutes to get access to their possessions. This facility is quick and easy to sign up”, Patel added.

“Perhaps it is the first state cooperative bank that has launched this kind of facility for their customers in the cooperative banking sector. This robotic facility will continue for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day”, Patel added.

BJP National President Amit Shah is on the board of Gujarat State Cooperative Bank. Though he was slated to join he could not attend due his preoccupation, said a cooperator.

The new service uses a ‘robot picking system’ that delivers the customers’ box from a secure vault to their own private viewing rooms.

There will be three levels of security attached to each safety deposit box, meaning that only the owner of the box will be able to access it. Customers will need to insert a key card, type in a PIN and then use unique biometric fingerprint technology in order to have their box delivered to them. The delivery will take less than a minute.

The GSC Bank was established on 1960. Nearly 28 lakhs farmers of 8100 PACS are affiliated with it. The bank has about 25 branches across Gujarat.

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